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Is your business online?

Today the internet has a huge impact on our lives and that is why it is important to make sure your business is visible online by creating a unique web site for your business.

At Web Guy, we can help you get your business online. We specialize in web design, and with our knowledge plus your business, the end result is your website.

We provide the following services:
Joomla! Web Development
WordPress Web Development
E - Commerce Web Development
Website Maintenance
Managed Web Hosting
Domain Registrations and Management
Website and Online Marketing

Web Development

We specialize in Web Development.


Online stores are becoming more and more popular. We love e-commerce and we do e-commerce web development.

Web Hosting

Having a great website is one thing, but every site needs reliable and secure web hosting.


The key to every website is a good domain name. Domain registrations can be a bit tricky, however at Web Guy we take care of it for you.